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Collision Devices was created in 2016 in Sèvremont, France. Being musicians and guitar gear junkies themselves, Collision Devices decided to create their own brand of effects. Their values: Authenticity, high quality, innovation, and handmade.

Baptiste Esseul pays attention to the shape, texture, and materials used by new pedals. He is inspired by the architecture and luxury of his creations. He loves to refine the design, and works the visual aspect into their effects.

Denis Gaborit, on the other hand, is the electrician of the effects. He likes to experiment and distort the wonderous sounds coming from Collision Devices. He works on paper, with calculators, components, and the ideas that put it all together. The sounds that he creates can become aquatic, spatial, and even solar!

Bernie likes to supervise all of their their work, and she is their community manager of sorts. Enjoy the Collision Devices...

Collision Devices - Boutique Pedals from Sèvremont, France

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