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Karma pedals are made by Karma Guitar Amps, a company created by renowned, award winning music producer Greg Droman. As a teenager, Greg often saw Joe Walsh (Eagles, James Gang, Barnstorm) play in a band called the Measles in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. It inspired him to learn guitar, and he even bought the Guild Starfire pictured here, with Joe Walsh (in the middle) playing it...

Joe Walsh in The Measles

When Joe left the Measles and joined the James Gang, Greg was too young to get into the college bars they played. So he parked himself at the clubs’ door, begging Joe to walk him in, promising not to drink. Greg sat himself on the floor, about 15 feet in front of Joe Walsh's (un-mic’ed) amp. Joe filled the whole club with that amp, a modified Fender Twin Reverb with JBL speakers. Greg said that he never forget that sound… no pedals, just a guitar straight into an amp. Wow!

Now fast forward… through some remarkable chance encounters, opportunities, connections, blessings, etc… Greg ended up playing guitar with Joe Walsh on a tour of the US and Japan. After the tour, Joe Walsh helped Greg break into the studio scene in Los Angeles, as a recording engineer. There, and later in Nashville, Greg recorded and produced some of the best guitar players on the planet, including Peter Stroud, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Dan Huff, Mark Goldenberg, Don Felder, Kenny Greenberg, Greg Liesz, Rusty Anderson, Tim Pierce, J.T. Corenflos, George Marinelli, Murilo Romano, Tom Bukovac, Rob McNelley, Brent Mason, Stuart Smith, John Jorgensen, Vince Gill, Dan Dugmore, and many others.

A top mastering engineer once called Greg “the king of guitar sounds”, but as flattering as that is, the sounds that Greg “got” really came from the great tones these awesome players gave him in the first place.

Karma Pedals - from Legendary Producer Greg Droman

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