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Kernom pedals' newly patented, augmented analog technology, is a different approach to electronic clipping circuits. Kernom pedals patented this new technology, and called it Analog Morphing Core (AMC). Its goal is to control the nonlinear elements of the clipping stage (traditionally diodes), by changing in real time, their threshold. It makes them behave like a new kind of diode.

In practice, and in Kernom's flagship product launch, the Kernom Ridge overdrive pedal, it allows you to have access to a virtually infinite number of clipping options (symmetric, asymmetric, high headroom, very compressed, etc), in a single analog circuit. It is not a modeling approach at all, as the clipping stage remains 100% pure analog. Kernom pedals were created in, and are made in Paris, France.

Kernom Pedals - New Technology from Paris, France

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