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Trondheim Audio Devices is a Norwegian company, founded by producer Jon-Tore Dombu. It all started with requests from his studio customers, who wanted to have the same bass sound live as they achieved in the studio.

After weeks of searching for existing solutions, Jon found that there was no way to achieve that specific chain without making the hardware from scratch. Fast forward a few months, and the first prototype of the Trondheim Audio Devices SkarBassOne pedal was finally ready for testing.

The tension was palpable when Jon plugged in the jacks... taking a deep breath before he hammered down the first note. The quality of the sound was too good not to share. He started Trondheim Audio Devices... and here we are!

Trondheim's slogan is “Great Sound Made Easy” and they keep that in mind for every product that they make. Jon really hopes that their products will inspire you to keep on playing, and keep up making amazing music for every single person in this world!

Trondheim Audio Devices - from Norway

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